Rü Weedekind – Weedekind Impression

Today is about chillout/ambient that will ease your mind and take your thoughts away from the daily stuff for three minutes. Laid back, relaxed sounds that will be a perfect intro for a nice weekend.

Sound designer Rüdiger Pietsch aka Rü Weedekind did a great track here. I really like this one for it’s easy going, smooth behavior. It’s not so much about what is happening within the track, it’s what the track is delivering with the main structure. You got several dreamy synths, a piano melody, a beat, and a couple of sound effects and vocal chops, and that’s it. The different parts play along real nice within the track, and no track does overlay another. Also, the piano melody is kept simple enough not to distract the listener but just to enjoy and focus on the music. I’m sure that Rü Weedekind could have made that melody more complex, but at the same time sacrificing the smooth relaxing structure of the song while doing so. For me it’s an art form not to overthink several things within a track, in other words: to keep it simple enough for everybody. The artist obviously knows how to manipulate soundscapes in a way that the main theme of the song stays intact.

If you like this track, I also recommend checking out the other works available on his soundcloud account. There are loads of great tracks within the ambient genre that could easily be used in soundtracks as well, working with all kinds of elements, be it a choir, guitars, paino, orchestral elements…you name it. Also there are a few mixes of Rü Weedekind available.

Sheffe – Sunset (Original Mix)

Feeling-wise, this one gets me right at the pool bar at a five star hotel. Cocktail coming up, having a great time with friends while watching the sun set. After the sun went down and this song is played by the DJ, you don’t need a dancefloor to feel the music.

Martijn Mulder aka DJ Sheffe is an uprising producer hailing from Deventer, Netherlands. His newest track comes straight out of the Future House/Dance genre, and after a quite regular intro which doesn’t make you expect anything out of the oridnary yet, the track lifts off with a nice synth melody, backed with a chime-like instrument which defines the main theme of the track. Your’re just enjoying the melody there, still nothing unusual.
Then, all of a sudden, the track droppes the bomb on you with a straightforward synth/bass/drum mixture which makes you nod your head (don’t believe me? I dare you to try. 😉 ). I really dig the sudden changes in a song when something happens you weren’t expecting, and DJ Sheffe did just that without ripping the song apart into several pieces. He still stays in the main theme to make that transition later on for a second time (if I was at the bar I talked about at the beginning, THIS would be the time I started dancing.)

This track is mixed nicely, the main mix doesn’t come short on any eq band, and the surprises Sheffe packed in it are a perfect gift for your speakers. Reading at the artists facebook page I learned that there will be another track release in June –  I’m excited what Sheffe will come up with next.

Diego Bacar – Execute

Clean and crisp beat. Addictive synth line. Surprising sound effects. Great rises. And there you go, one of the latest tracks of Diego Bacar which is dancefloor material.

Colombian electro producer Diego Bacar does not belong to the established guys in the scene. Yet. But giving one of his latest tracks a listen, I realized that he has potential to go big on the dancefloors out there. With originially a background in rock music, he decided to make a switch to the world of electro – great but risky decision. In his case, it worked out exceptionally well. Let’s shed some light on tonight’s track, “Execute”.
Starting with a minimalistic intro, the track soon accelerates with a dropping heavy beat. This beat in company with a nice synth line is the key role for the whole track, because it sets the tone and makes you wanna move. Adding one or two risers, adding another synth line, the track keeps building tension, cutting back at half-time of the track with a real good slightly distorted synth going on there, and off we go to the grand finale.
Long story short, the track brings every element to the table which is needed to make this one a main floor favorite. One negative aspect of the track would be that it’s lacking some low-eq aggressiveness. With more cutoff and compression on the low ends (bass synth track, mainly) this would be an absolute high-flyer at a DJ set.

Long story short: with this one Diego Bacar got the world out there the last warning: watch out, I’m coming after you. He’s got some great ideas, and it shows through his synth melodies and the intelligent mixture of track elements. I recommend checking out his works on his soundcloud account.

SpiralDreams – Illusion

Ever seen one of these shows in a planetarium? You know, where they put you in a seat, you lean back, it’s getting dark, and then you get in touch with the universe for an hour or two. Tonight I was taken to such a trip – without visiting the planetarium.

Hungarian producer Red Dreaming aka SpiralDreams really knows how to build what is known as soundscapes. Working with dreamy synths and a not too dominant beat, this track starts with giving you the expression of just floating through space. Since the artist added reverb and several layers of synth lines, the track lays down the foundation for the arriving beat. The tricky part with such transitions is the “floating” part. Once you build up the soundscape, you have to be careful not to destroy it by cutting it off with another song part. SpiralDreams is an expert with keeping the song really smooth and going – the whole six minutes of track.
Another thing I noticed was the intelligent mixture of several synths into one construct which just feels like …changing without doing anything. (It’s kind of hard to describe…imagine the scenery I mentioned at the beginning, the planetarium. First you see a couple of small stars, somewhere down the journey there’s this huge sun or black hole – you are still on the journey, but the tension has risen dramatically. See? The base stays the same, but the variables changed all of a sudden.)
This electronic ambient track really is done with great sense of detail and progression and is mixed outstandingly well in my opinion.

If someone asked me “what exactly do the tracks of SpiralDreams sound like?” I maybe would compare SpiralDreams to Mark Shreeve’s Redshift or maybe the late Tangerine Dream, but that would be way too generalized. I’d rather recommend to listen to the created tracks. You’ll find a total of 15 releases on the official bandcamp account, and a few tracks on the soundcloud account. If you’re in any way into electronic ambient chillout, the works of SpiralDreams are exactly what you were looking for.

DJ-MPG – Far Away (Original Mix)

Great build-ups, a solid piano main melody, smooth drum and bass segments…this one has potential to be played on main stages.

I’ll take this one on the next workout with me. Why? Because it keeps me going. With the use of a nice melody and great transitions, the track fits the genre and can be your motor when you need something to keep you motivated. (Of course, this also refers to dancefloors and dancing. 😉 )
Within the track you’ll find several cuts that slow down the song just long enough to build up and restart, if you will. (You know, these are the club light technicians’ favorite tracks where he/she can show what he/she is capable of.) Other than that you have a great tune with several effects that make sure the track keeps being interesting and not too monotonous, be it several swuushes or audio effects. What made me raise an eyebrow though is the fact that the piano is sounding very artificial plus mixed a bit harsh in there…could have been a different vst or mixed with more reverb in my opinion. Other than that the artist knows about the elements of a dreamy track like this and how/where to use them.

German producer Christoph Gonder aka DJ-MPG is definetly on the right path, but there are some rough edges which have to be cut before reaching the top. Nevertheless, “Far Away” is a track I recommend giving a listen to.

Angel Sessions – The Great I Am (DiscaL Remix)

Clicking through the depths of the net, I stumbled upon a dance/soul tune that caught my attention.

I gotta say, I don’t know much about soul or R’n’B. Of course I enjoy listening to it, but I haven’t got a clue about creation, proper composition or used elements of that genre. Luckily this blog is more about what feeling sound creates than what technique is used, so this one’s easy for me.
Putting it simple: Angel Sessions is a pro. Being active in the scene for over 17 years with 11 released albums so far, the talented singer/songwriter with gospel background knows what she’s doing. And this of course absolutely shows in her recordings.

“The Great I Am” uses an uplifting beat created by Adel A.R. Jamal aka DiscaL that will keep your head slightly moving all the time while listening to the track. This tracks also uses a synth line, the usual percussion elements plus a vibraphone-like support instrument. So far, so good, but what really makes the difference here (and in a lot of the other songs of Angel Sessions) is the beautiful enchanting voice of the singer. The vocal tracks are mixed solid, and the voice itself can be soft like a pillow but also grab your attention razor-sharp within a single tone. You just hear that Angel Sessions knows her craft very well. She knows how to use her voice – and she’s not holding back anything. Thank God. This track is that well-rounded that in my opinion it fits most of the daily occasions, whether you need something to lighten up your mood while standing in heavy traffic, enjoying the start of your day while having your fist cup of coffee, dancing around with your children (which I actually tried, it works!) – you name it. If you give it a listen, you’ll know what I mean.

My advice is to just check out what the beautiful Angel Sessions has got in store, whether it’s on Soundcloud, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more – you’ll find her works easily.

Equateur – Absolut feat. Sophie-Tith

It’s alright. Don’t cry.
Until today, I didn’t know that I’m into electro pop. Thanks to Charles Rocher aka Equateur my palette of likes got bigger today.

Led by a ultra-sharp synth intro, “Absolut” quickly turns into almost 80s style electro pop. Although pretty minimalistic, the song creates sort of a vision in my head, like I’m in one of these 80’s clubs on the dancefloor. (Actually back IN the eighties.) Eyes closed, dancing by myself, being perfectly fine with it.
The male vocals fit perfectly in the track, but the vocals of french singer Sophie-Tith in the chorus parts really puts the cream on the cake, so to speak. The song itself is mixed perfectly, but that isn’t a surprise because we’re talking about a pro with Paris based Charles Rocher here. For mixing issues he worked with David Isaac from Los Angeles, the mastering part was done by Labomatic Studio in Paris. This much working power practically guarantees a solid mix which can be sold right away.
The song is taken from a yet to be released album named “Burn the Sun”. If all of the songs on that abum are in the league of which “Absolut” is in, this will be an absolute no-brainer to buy.

Equateur is a force to be reconed with. Working with Sophie-Tith Charvet  who won the 2013 season of “Nouvelle Star” (which is the french version of british “Pop Idol” or german “Superstar”) he hit the jackpot with this one in my opinion. It’s a song that can be played on repeat, it won’t get boring (and yes, I tried. hehe). If repeating the track isn’t working for you, I suggest checking out Equateur’s soundcloud account where you’ll find a load of similar tracks like tonight’s pick.

Spotlight: Serris

12699187_1045752832134706_1895834416_oProducing tracks from scratch is hard work. Recently we talked to Serris aka Timothée Maillot, a 23 year old french producer and drummer, about his concept, ideas and process of creating electro tracks, and we even got a glimpse on his hardware setup and distribution ways.

kms / How did you get to produce Electro tracks? What was the defining moment?
Serris / I began electro production about three years ago, but it became a serious thing for me about a year ago. I was listening to electronic music a couple of times, constantly discovering many great artists and projects, so one day I decided I wanted to try creating tracks myself. I bought a sound card and monitor speakers, plus I had help from a friend whose knowledge was very valuable for me during the starting process.

kms / How do you develop new tracks? How do you get from zero to the finished song?
Serris / That depends. Most of the time I work with my synth with no real idea, trying out different things without too much reflexion. It doesn’t matter if it’s a synth line or a drum beat or percussions – I try to put it from the idea in my head to the track. When something good comes out of it, I start to develop my track step by step around that initial idea. I never have something like a global idea of what I’ll create before actually starting to work on the track.

kms / Describe your hard- and software setup.
Serris /  I’m working with Ableton Live as the heart of my setup. Synth-wise I own a Arturia Minibrute, and as additional support I’m using a microphone to record some sounds for the percussion, snare, kick or hi-hat most of the time. Of course, I’m also using all kinds of percussion sound banks.

kms / Are you signed to a label?
Serris /  At the moment I’m not signed to any label, but I’m looking for that, because I finished a new track I want to have distributed as soon as possible, preferably with a label.

kms / Are there any upcoming projects?
Serris /  No, right now there are no live events planned, because I’m still lacking some hardware needed for that. As soon as I have that, I’ll try to go on stage with it. But this could take a couple of months.

kms / How do you distribute your music at this time?
Serris /  For now I share my work for free on Soundcloud and Youtube, plus I’m keeping fans updated via a facebook page.

kms / Are you into collaborations?
Serris /  Yes, I’m definetly interested and open for collab projects. Any artist interested can contact me through my social media links.

Visu korvauFind out more about Serris and his work using the following links:
> soundcloud account
> facebook account
> youtube channel

Astro Nordik – Dirty Civilisation

This one’s a clean cut. Ever had a ultra-strong coffee in the early morning because you really needed to wake up fast? Well, here’s your coffee replacement in form of a progressive trance tune. You won’t need the coffee afterwards.

After a minute of promising intro, the listener is treated with the most clear and crisp mixed synth lines I heard in a long time. Hearing it the first time, I actually looked at the settings of my mixer output because my monitor speakers sounded weird that way. 🙂 Realizing it was done that way by purpose, I leaned back and just enjoyed what is going on there.
You are having clear synth lines, paired with a minimalistic genre-typical beat. I like how the left/right panning of several synth melodies and effects is done, because this helps to create that “spacey” effect Astro Nordik is using in several of his tracks. I’m not a pro in the architecture of progressive trance tracks, but since the kms musicblog is more about feeling than anything else, I can say that I really feel the track. Those crisp changes between the bridges and the main groove are done with the precision of an surgeon in my opinion, those are turning heads for sure.

With “Dirty Civilisation” french artist Astro Nordik stays true to his style and genre which he calls “Space Vibe and Dirty Trance”. That’s a very accurate description if you ask me. Clicking through other works of his on the soundcloud account, you’ll find similar tracks, all in the fashion described above. His works played in a huge club would get me on the dancefloor for sure. So, trust me and give this track a listen! You won’t regret it.

Camitri – Bass

Lured by a melodic slow intro, you are going to get your butt kicked by the main theme. Proceed with caution for this one.

All dubstep tracks do make a very quick transition from “nice” to “dirty”, but the track “Bass” from danish producer Jasper Jayden aka Camitri sets the bar even higher. Introducing the track with a dreamy synth line and a very laid back piano theme, three’s a guitar lick added which tells your ears “hey, it’s okay. Just lean back and enjoy.” Just to rip you out of your seat a few seconds later, kicking in with the genre-typical drum/bass/effects mixture. The tunes itself remind me a lot of the golden boy in dubstep going by the name of Skrillex.
The mix of the track seems pretty good to me. I got a bit too much high eq band over my speakers, but nothing that would be annyoing or disturbing the main output. Also, I think the intro with a minute running time is a few seconds too long, but this at the same time helps to build up the tension of the track even more, therefore it probably was intended.

In Camitri’s tracks there is a lot going on. You can always expect something different in his tracks. Although “Bass” is a dubstep track, the artist also is into creating solid EDM tracks and remixes of third party works. I think we all should keep an eye on Camitri, he’s up to something big here…