Hormonica – Wait! Not Now Remix

This one will require your full attention. We’re not talking about some flat track in the background this time. Your focus will be needed.

First time I heard “Wait! Not Now Remix”, one of the newer tracks of the duo of Diana Bielenia and Krzysztof Chmiel, better known as “Hormonica”, I admit that I felt like there was too much happening within the track, compared to the original version of the track (which is also available on Hormonica’s soundcloud page). But if you’re willing to give your brain time to adapt, you’re in for a treat. Trust me.
The track drives you on a wave of a fast paced beat, mixed up with multiple layered synths, effects, bass lines, percussion elements such a claps, and even soundscape elements. What first seems too much tracks mixed over each other totally makes sense after the voice of the singer Diana Bielenia sets in. And that was exactly the point where I fell in love with this song. The voice sort of “controls” the rest of what’s happening within the song. All of a sudden, music and lyrics need each other to work as a cohesive unit. The often hard and strict synth lines and harsh played chiptune-like elements are tamed by the forceful and enchanting singer’s voice. Electronic production meets human. Perfect match, if you ask me.
The overall mix of the track seems solid, in my opinion the voice maybe could have been placed more front-and-center because sometimes it gets sort of flattened by the music, but I guess this would have damaged the reverb effect which was put onto the lyrics. So…no, there are no negative points to mention.

The energetic duo from Olsztyn, Poland has a wide variety of songs available on their soundcloud account, ranging from handmade to set up electronically (or both). All these tracks prove one thing: Hormonica loves what they’re doing. It absolutely shows, because you can hear that every single track is handled with passion and sense for detail. I had a hard time deciding which track to write about, and I strongly recommend checking out their other works.

Jeremy – Killer Chick

You’ll learn something tonight. About women. About money. About feelings. About the ability to deliver a message in a way that counts. All of this comes from Jeremy “Jerretje” Deekman, a dutch rapper who knows what he’s doing.

This one’s really loaded with emotions. It’s not often you hear something that makes you feel what the artist was feeling when writing or performing the song. This fresh tune from a so far unreleased mixtape from Jeremy just recharged my faith in the fact that there actually ARE artists out there who can connect with your mind instantly.
“Killer Chick” is backed with a simple but catchy melody and a genre-typical beat. I like that slightly overdriven chorus parts of the drums, giving the drums that little extra smack to stick to your head.
Lyric-wise and regarding timing, I like how the song’s split into several passages. I said it before somewhere on the blog, I’m not really seeing into the genre of rap, hip-hop or R’n’B, so I cannot tell you anything about technique or structure of genre-typical songs. As a regular reader you know the kms musicblog is more about what feeling a song creates – and this track takes you right into Jeremy’s world for a couple of minutes. As said before, this one’s delivering with passion. The rapping is shooting straight, and even the melodic chorus parts are brought with that mixture of feeling combined with pressure, giving a hint what else there is in Jeremy’s arsenal of vocal weaponry.

With ability, style and with skill, all of Jeremy’s tracks out there are carrying one message: this one’s a pro. Rapping in english as well as dutch, he shows that he’s very comfortable with the concept of rhythm, timing and packing vocals where they belong.
Jeremy grants you with a load of tracks on his soundcloud account. I really recommend checking out his other works, songs like “F#cked up” or “Oké” (although I don’t understand a word of his dutch lyrics, but that doesn’t really matter) make me wanna drive around somewhere during the night, cranking up that car stereo. To sum things up, I really see this artist as a top ticket seller soon.

Vincent Boot – Es Vedra

This one takes you right down to the water. You’ll be able to feel the nature surrounding you. You’ll be able to opt out of the world for three minutes.

Tonight isn’t about the usual beat and dance tune, guys. I stumbled upon a great piano track by Vincent Boot, a skilled composer and piano player from the Netherlands. He managed to accomplish with his track what happens to me not very often: he stopped the world for a couple of minutes, allowing me to just close my eyes and FEEL the music.
Okay, he helped a bit with nature sounds, in this case a mixture of waves reaching the shore on a sunny day, combined with chirping birds, winds, and everything else you’d expect from a scenery like that. But in my opinion this piano masterpiece would have worked it’s way into my brain without those effects as well. Supported by a very defensive synth soundscape, the piano is played smoothly and with exactly the right amount of presence throughout the whole song. I really like how skilled the track is mixed in a less-is-more-fashion.
Quite frankly, I cannot tell you anything about technique, or writing of a piano piece. But I do know this: when listenting to that kind of chillout music, I’m actually able to relax, and this has become rare lately. You should give it a try as well.
Boot created this track being inspired by the isle of Es Vedrà, located only a few hundred meters off the northern shore of Ibiza. Stunning what effect places like these have on the human mind. In this case, it was the starting point of beautiful music.

Vincent Boot has been around for quite some time in the music business, be it as a solo pianist or with singers, be it with creating chillout/soundtrack tracks or within other genres. His soundcloud account is stacked with examples of his work, and I strongly recommend to check out his works there as well, you won’t regret it.

Syo – Singularity

To be honest, first thing that attracted me with this one was the cover art, not the music. Whoever chooses a cover that simplistic and linear just HAS to hide something interesting behind it. So I gave it a try. And I wasn’t disappointed.

What starts as a pretty simple tune which sets up sort of a soundscape in the first minute of the track gets added a rhythm after that, making the track irresistible to hear. Japanese producer Syo Yamaguci adds a lot of things over time – strings, a piano and several synth lines which keep the track floating. What really takes the track to another level in my opinion ist the usage of vocal one shots which are alienated by the usage of effects in a manner that you just can’t grab what is going on there. Then you probably do the same thing I did, telling yourself “I’m going to listen it again.” When hearing the track for the second time, you’ll hear other things you missed the first time. See what happened? You became a fan of the track just like that.

Syo manages to keep you interested with his tracks. There is always something happening within his songs, be it a melody, a rhythm or an effect. This is what I like to call “intelligent producing”. The track makes YOU want to go on repeat, no one tells you to. The mixture of synthetic and analogue elements is done very good in almost all his tracks. And this is although he switches between genres, calling it “Experiments in sound”. You can’t really put a single genre name on what he’s doing. Isn’t that what makes a producer a real artist?

Johnny Gorox – Cyber Hop

Were your ears ever distracted in such a manner that you had a hard time reflecting where all this sound is coming from? After a short time to adapt to this electro house track, your brain practically will scream for more. Or it will order you to do what’s like a main theme in the song: turn up the bass.

Italian producer Pasquale Capone, better known as Johnny Gorox, put up a song that I encountered as part of his recently published playlist “Hybrid Hop”.
I give you the secret of the song right away: the synth and the effect palette it’s loaded with. Johnny Gorox somehow managed to play with the usage of the synth effects constantly, but not to a point that it gets distracting or annoying. On the contrary. I really like that the synth is constantly morphing into another instance of sound. Mixed up with several layers of vocal one-shots, a proper beat and percussion, the track remains a fascinating piece of work from start to end.

Sound engineer Gorox showed what he is capable of with this track, proving to everyone that he isn’t a creature with a low lifespan in the music world out there. Fun fact about him is that he did Rap and Hip Hop for several years before making the transition to electronic music, in his own words he “likes to experiment and doesn’t stop new ideas”. Looking over his work on his soundcloud account you’ll have to agree with me that doing electro music was a great decision so far. There are several tracks available, all done in a similar solid style like “Cyber Hop” and also with the love to that synth/effect combo. Definetly worth checking out!

Erron Wellington – Clockwork

This one gets you on the track with almost hypnotizing percussion, a straight drum/bass set, and… well, that’s it. Erron Wellington doesn’t need more core elements to get you moving.

Within this track, the London based producer drives on a pretty basic deep house road. Meaning he doesn’t do much experimental stuff, and he does what you’d expect of this genre.
After the usual minimalistic intro, the track starts off with the bass line. I like the fact that there are several effects used to “cloak” the bass before revealing it’s power after the first rise. What makes the track really lift off in my opinion is the usage of complete short stops. I really like that from time to time Wellington gives you that quarter second of silence, reminding you what “groove” essentially is. Also, because of the intelligent usage of percussion instruments (especially those vintage bongo style ones), the track gets sort of an organic flavor. So it’s not only straight tech house but it’s mixed with a bit of life there as well.

Being taken from Wellingtons Clockwork EP which also contains a track called “Revelation” (that would be another track I recommend tonight, similar in style, genre and done in the same solid fashion), “Clockwork” is available as a free download on Soundcloud. Even if it wasn’t, it would be a no-brainer to buy if you are into house or looking for something to complete your DJ set with.

Onur Aktemur – Life Goes On

An eyebrow raiser. An eye opener. A moving motor. A dancefloor main anthem. This one will get to you like a double espresso, if you are in need for one. No, forget about the double espresso. It’s a triple one.

Istanbul based EDM producer Onur Aktemur created a track which in my opinion has the potential to go for main stage dance anthem. The track has got a main theme which is played with in a very skilled way. Genre typical the track is done aggressive, there are several build-ups, followed by the all-loved headbangin’ progression with several synth and a relatively strict and simple beat/bass line. The main synth line is done very good, I really like those switches between low and high keys that are used there.
To mention the main negative aspect of the track, that would be the final mix of the bass line in my opinion. Aktemur did some harsh mixing every now and then on one single bass track, emphasizing on several occasions while ducking the other tracks in the process. Although this maybe a wanted effect, it gives you that cracking sound when played loud over a big PA or over headphones. Besides that, everything is where it should be. No glitches, no cracks, no eq flips – just a good solid mix.

So, if you’re looking for some kickin’ EDM, you just found what you were looking for. Aktemur also offers several other tracks on his soundcloud, including Trap, Hardstyle and Melbourne as well as several mixes. DJs out there should be aware that there’s some heavy stuff coming their way from Onur Aktemur.

Lärm Wolke – Red Rabbit (Original Mix)

Techno, but not ordinary one. Soundscape, but too much Electro for “just” being soundscape. Red Rabbit isn’t easy to categorize, but it’ll attract you like the fox is attracted…well, to a rabbit.

It’s quite a feeling like entering a cave no one has gone before. Imagine climbing through those narrow rocks, standing in a gigantic cave with exotic plants and rock formations… and there you have it, the feeling to describe this song. At least, MY feeling.
Introduced more like a soundscape, the track adds some percussion and a beat. I like the fact that the beat isn’t mixed too aggressive, but steadily into the main track. One of the most noticeable things of the track is that slightly distorted synth, kicking in with only small segments of a melody, just enough to deliver the mere idea of the main theme. If this would be a nonstop melody, it would have killed the track for sure. But, just setting the tones, being backed up by another dreamy synth later on, it delivers the whole reason of the track – let it go. Keep floating. Keep going.
Overall, the track is mastered very well. There’s a synth at the last third of the song which is placed in the front, and first I wanted to mention that as a negative aspect of the track, but thinking of it, it’s necessary to change something in the track, and placing something new in front is way better than changing the pace or the beat of the track.

French prodcuer Lärm Wolke created a real good Techno track here. You can enjo it like a chillout tune, and you can nod your head to the beat like with a techno track. Listening to the other tracks on his account, you’ll find out that the artist doesn’t do anything he didn’t think about it. All of the tracks are carefully composed and worth a listen.

Rodrigo Rodriguez – In The Stream

Nothing virtual. No artificial instruments. No tricks, no strings attached. No electronic beat, no synths, no percussion. This one is about taking you to your core with only handmade music.

Maybe this is the only time ever I’ll cross a track like this one to write about in the kms musicblog, and I know, we are usually more about electro, hip hop, rock or anything – but “In the Stream” from Tokyo based musician Rodrigo Rodriguez just blew me away. I don’t know why, but I felt I just had to write something and spread the word.
I heard (and made) a lot of music over the years, but this one made me humbly bow my head when listening to. Played with a japanese Shakuhachi bamboo flute, the track instantly brings a kind of peace to you on the very first seconds. Mixed very carefully, the track uses room reverb and instrument placement in an extremely outstanding manner. And that’s pretty much where my knowledge of the used techniques end – I don’t know the first thing about how the flute is played, or which scale it covers. But I know this: the composition slows down whatever scene you are right from the start. The track is described by Rodriguez as Zen music, and it’s taken from an album called “Music for Zen Meditation”. Giving it a listen, you’ll know what this means, the track itself practically is like a instruction for calming and focusing. I’m stunned of the songwriting abilities of the artist, and I wonder what lead to the track… was it a feeling? A landscape? A situation? An emotion? All of this you’ll be able to explore for yourself if you take the time to listen. In a world where it’s all about getting more things faster, you’ll get the opportunity to just close your eyes for four minutes and let your mind do with the music whatever it wants to do without being interrupted by the usual hectic thoughts.

Obviously, Rodriguez is a professional in what he does. A true musician. With giving concerts all over the world and releasing albums and tracks on any major platform out there, I feel that I’m not one of few who this skilful artist was able to reach and touch – but one of many. In my opinion he is one of those artists representing what music is all about, no matter which genre you’re into. I strongly recommend to check out Rodriguez’ other work on Soundcloud or the major distribution networks. All the other tracks are made in the same detailed fashion like “In The Stream” and absoutely worth a listen.  For additional information check out his website or facebook account.

Milinka Radišić – Back again (Original Mix)

Being a master behind the turntables, DJ Milinka Radišić travelled the world for over ten years to entertain the masses on the dancefloors before finally taking the step to producing her own tracks. With the greatest of ease she accomplished to create many tracks, one of them being today’s pick “Back Again”.

What starts with a usual intro for DJs to mix into their decks turns into a surprise all of a sudden when a straightforward driving bassline kicks in. Mixed steadily, this bassline is supported by a somewhat aggressive and pushing synth. In my opinion the used crowd samples aren’t really necessary for the track to keep its pace. Also, there seem to be some cuts within the samples, but this doesn’t disturb the ongoing rhythm too much.
Yes, “Back again” is a pretty minimalistic track, but it somehow keeps you going, keeps you listening, and – probably the most important part of it – keeps people dancing because of it’s addictive bassline/synth combination. And that’s what’s necessary for a dancefloor theme – that certain something that makes people decide whether to start dancing or not.

Milinka Radišić did a great job of developing the initial idea and creating a track for the dancefloors here. I also suggest to check out her other works on her soundcloud profile, she’s got tons of tracks there, all of which are produced rock solid. Luckily we haven’t heard the last of this young pretty lady, it seems to me she just started her journey in the business. If she continues producing like she does right now, she’ll have a bright future ahead of her. And we’ll be in for more treats.