Rhyme Selektah – Criminus

Projecting a dark atmosphere, the new rap track of Rhyme Selektah manages to actually make you feel the desperation and drive beyond the music.

I admit it, I’m not really a pro in the rap genre. Heck, I’m not even a novice. But as always, we’re at kms are not about analyzing on a genre specific level. We’re all about feeling and the wow-element of music. And the new track “Criminus” from the crew of Rhyme Selektah, Arnold William and Tech Masta Dee has got both feeling and the wow effect, and it’s not just a bit, it’s a truckload.
The music base does sound familiar to other genre-typical tracks, but there’s something special added, something dark. Feels like watching a batman movie. Icing on the cake is the vocals which transmit a signature element with this nothing-to-lose-attitude. This guy either is the best actor in the scene, or he is living the music style exactly the way he raps, therefore having full credibility all along.
Mixing work of the track is great, the vocals are not fighting with the synth lines, and the beat has enough room to ‘smack’ your speakers (or your headphones, which are mandatory if you want to do yourself a favor, folks). What also caught my attention while going through the online resources of Rhyme Selektah is the video that comes along with the track. Filmed in various dark locations, the video even takes that desperate atmosphere to a higher level. While watching, you don’t know if you better prepare to fight or better run for your life. The pictures support the overall theme of the music perfectly.

Rhyme Selektah released a mixtape called “The Bottom: Take Off” a month ago. This is a showcase of what those guys are capable of. Always delivering, they are bringing a portion of “watch out!” straight to your mind. Even if you’re not into that genre, I recommend giving those tracks a listen. You’ll be surprised how they manage to make you nod your head before you even realize it.

Author: Ralph

Sound technician at kms.