#notraffic – my house

The trio of the newcomer bigbeat formation called “#notraffic” released a new track through german label kms past sunday. After their last smashing track called “clear to go” it was very clear they would try to gain momentum with the new bigbeat/electro track which hits the listener in used fashion.

Quite unusual seems the usage of internet based samples this time. They used a female voice, agitated and angry about something, to introduce a somewhat heavy beat along a slightly distorted synth. The beat smacks well with several percussion elements driving the whole track along, until it breaks down offering a different variation of a melody that sounds almost like a heavy distorted guitar. Finally the song mixes together all of the components into the grand finale.

On a personal note, I really love the female voice samples. I like how this women is talking in rage, giving the track the needed head start. But, in my opinion the song is way too short for a genre like this. It could easily be twice as long without getting boring – if the proper adjustments would be made.
Overall, this is another solid track that should cement #notraffic’s status as a force to be reckoned with in the bigbeat scene. Definetly worth a listen. (Of course, also because it was produced by kms. 😉 )