Sun God Replica – Evolution’s Waiting

I feel that this track belongs in the stash of everyone who likes to crank up the music when driving through the night. For me this is roadmovie soundtrack material.

Finally a new signature sound that comes straight out the classic rock genre. When I heard the newest track of the australian formation “Sun God Replica” I felt the urgent need of getting in my car, cruising through my city with the windows down, playing “Evolution’s Waiting” way too loud not only for me but for all those I’m passing by, just to nod my head slow motion and let them hear what handmade music is all about… Well, of course then I remembered it’s freezing cold outside, so I cancelled those plans.
The three band members of Sun God Replica, “Snackpack” Linsay McLennan, Lance Swagger and Lochie Cavigan, managed to really put a stamp on their music, instantly making it their signature sound. It’s quite minimalistic for today’s expectations, but that’s not a coincidence. I just love that retro vibe you get delivered with the track. Those boys are doing a good old distorted guitar-bass-drums-vocals setting that takes you back in time. Outstanding in my opinion is the drive created by those riding drums in addition with the vintage distortion sound of the lead guitar. Unfortunately you won’t find a sound like this playing in many mainstream clubs or bars anymore, you have to look for it, at least where I live. But this music is the real deal in my opinion. It’s handmade. It’s done with sense of what to emphasize on. This track is delivered like a business card. When you hear it, you know what the band is all about.
To name a negative aspect, I think the overall mix could have been done more crisp. Of course, to emulate the vintage sound, a kind of flat mix helps, but I think that putting the vocals slightly more in front, and giving the lead guitar more high band edge and making the bass more present in the final mix might have even enhanced the track without giving up too much vintage feeling. But hey, that’s just one of the possible approaches, right.

If you’re into classic rock and in need for some fresh tunes, I recommend checking out the works of Sun God Replica. They’ve got several releases available on their bandcamp page, and they define their music as “Atypically-Awesome”. I totally agree with them.