Plastic Funk – Ever

Too bad the summer is leaving the helm, handing over to autumn. I found a track which easily could make the next summer hit out there. Anyway, this one really made me think about rescheduling my plans for tonight, going to go to a club instead of staying home with my cat. “Ever” is really something that makes you wanna dance, and here’s why that is.

The main concept of the new track of the german duo Rafael Ximenez-Carrillo and Mikio Gruschinske, better known as “Plastic Funk”, is not new – I encountered several elements that belong into the category “been there, heard that”. But, what makes the track stand out from the rest is the intelligent combination of the known elements. The drum/bass combination is taking you steadily throughout the whole track, the vocal chops are pitched and and cut in a manner that’s never boring at all, and the breaks and buildups are done with a level of experience that simply shows that the guys of Plastic Funk knows what they are doing. Of course they do, being very busy with producing and playing big dancefloors for some time now. Producing, DJ-ing, you name it – those guys have an extended skill set, and therefore its only the logical next step they came up with this floor filler anthem which was distributed under the label Armada Deep.

This one’s a track Rafel and Mikio like to put into the genre what they call “bliss house” – for all you out there who serious feel the need to dance. If you think THAT one makes you move, I recommend heading over to Plastic Funk’s soundcloud page, they have a load of other tracks for you to check out. Now excuse me…I’ve got to tell my cat that he has to stay home alone tonight, because I will be searching for a club that plays this song.