Camitri – Bass

Lured by a melodic slow intro, you are going to get your butt kicked by the main theme. Proceed with caution for this one.

All dubstep tracks do make a very quick transition from “nice” to “dirty”, but the track “Bass” from danish producer Jasper Jayden aka Camitri sets the bar even higher. Introducing the track with a dreamy synth line and a very laid back piano theme, three’s a guitar lick added which tells your ears “hey, it’s okay. Just lean back and enjoy.” Just to rip you out of your seat a few seconds later, kicking in with the genre-typical drum/bass/effects mixture. The tunes itself remind me a lot of the golden boy in dubstep going by the name of Skrillex.
The mix of the track seems pretty good to me. I got a bit too much high eq band over my speakers, but nothing that would be annyoing or disturbing the main output. Also, I think the intro with a minute running time is a few seconds too long, but this at the same time helps to build up the tension of the track even more, therefore it probably was intended.

In Camitri’s tracks there is a lot going on. You can always expect something different in his tracks. Although “Bass” is a dubstep track, the artist also is into creating solid EDM tracks and remixes of third party works. I think we all should keep an eye on Camitri, he’s up to something big here…