Diego Bacar – Distant Love

Imagine a foggy morning. Jogging on a trail above the big city. Keeping your mind clear and your focus steady. Running down the miles easily with this track on your headphones. It just doesn’t get better than this. Believe me.

With “Distant Love”, the newest track of Diego Bacar, everything falls in line. Using an excellent arpeggiated synth line as a main theme in different variations, Bacar abducts your ears to a place where everything seems crisp, clear and where it should be.
Starting with a somehow familiar heartbeat-like intro, the track serves you a flat and easy going beat/synth combination which doesn’t give away too much right away. The producer did a masterful job in changing pace within these 6 minutes of track. When you get used to the main theme, he puts on the breaks so to speak, giving the stage to a warm, slightly distorted piano along a string instrument, reminding you that the connection between classical components and deep house or trance is just depending on several key elements. I love it when an artist is able to switch quickly between genres, showing the listener the way to actually drop prejudices against other genres. It’s an artform not mastered by many, similar to a real good magician. Whenever he does something you never saw or heard before, you always wonder: how the heck does he do that? Well, Diego Bacar is that magician.

Following his work for a couple of months now, I noticed a major upgrade in his mixing and mastering skills as well. After this track it has gotten quiet around him – I really hope that he’s just working on the next track by now. He’s got the tool set to produce big ones out there.

Trizzoh – Heavy Metal (Vocal Mix)

Finally – I found a great one today! We’re talking serious dancing here. Not some lightweight, soda sippin’ background stuff with twelve people on the dancefloor – this one’s more of a major floor anthem.

Long Island resident Joey Petrizzo aka Rizzoh used a distorted synth as a main element in this track. After a standard DJ-friendly intro he lets you know right away that he is serious this time, striking your ears with that mean synth sound, somehow driving you mad but getting your head moving at the same time.
Over the whole track, Rizzoh is playing with several styles of the main theme, be it a long played and slightly reverbed fat sound or a short, arpeggiated version of the same melody with softer synth. This mixture keeps the track alive, and combined with several great drops in there I can imagine the club crowd go wild when hitting them with light effects and the good, old fog machine.
The track even comes with a choice, Trizzoh decided to upload another mix where he left out the vocal oneshots which also is a nice fit. I think the vocal mix is better though, since the additional interesting vocal stems lift the track up to be mainstream material. The overall mix seems solid, I didn’t notice any glitches or bad eq choices of the production.

I admit it, I just love fat distorted synth bass lines. Those are what keep people moving out there in my opinion. It’s that drive, that raw feeling that just makes me feel good when listening. With that momentum-creating drive, Trizzoh’s new track even would fit a workout routine music… So, if you’re up for something that makes your body move, this one’s for you!

Klement Vanukki – Night Deeper (Original Mix)

To describe today’s pick in one phrase: smooth thing for summernights’ turntables.
Klement Vanukki is a busy worker out there. The french based DJ started music as a bass guitarist, later switching the bass guitar for turntables which turned out to be a great move. I never heard him playing the bass, but as a producer and DJ he proves to be a forced to be reckoned with.

After the usual intro for DJs to mix in, the track lifts off with a smooth piano-like synth line and a easy going vocal line. The beat is holding steady, there aren’t changes that disturb the ‘head-nod-flow’ within in the song… but what really is the secret ingredient of the track is the used sub bass. The groove the song creates with the bass/drum combination just makes you want to move even while sitting on a chair. Feels like you are taken to one of those Florida beaches during summer. You know, it’s too hot, even at night, but the party never ends, because the temperature is nothing a cold drink and a hot track like “Night Deeper” won’t fix.
One negative point to mention is a high frequency clave and some rise/hit one shots which are somehow placed too dominant in my opinion. (But on the other hand that frequency change does sound great when used over a massive club amplifier.) Other than this, everything is mixed rock solid. It’s fun to listen to the sound, it blends in well to many occasions, even when played silently as a background chillout tune.

If this is one of the first tracks that Vanukki has produced, in my opinon he’s got a great thing going on with producing there, and I’m sure he will lift off soon with future tunes in similar fashion. I was only able to find one other original work (not on his soundcloud page), but there are several mixes available worth checking out.

Johnny Gorox – Cyber Hop

Were your ears ever distracted in such a manner that you had a hard time reflecting where all this sound is coming from? After a short time to adapt to this electro house track, your brain practically will scream for more. Or it will order you to do what’s like a main theme in the song: turn up the bass.

Italian producer Pasquale Capone, better known as Johnny Gorox, put up a song that I encountered as part of his recently published playlist “Hybrid Hop”.
I give you the secret of the song right away: the synth and the effect palette it’s loaded with. Johnny Gorox somehow managed to play with the usage of the synth effects constantly, but not to a point that it gets distracting or annoying. On the contrary. I really like that the synth is constantly morphing into another instance of sound. Mixed up with several layers of vocal one-shots, a proper beat and percussion, the track remains a fascinating piece of work from start to end.

Sound engineer Gorox showed what he is capable of with this track, proving to everyone that he isn’t a creature with a low lifespan in the music world out there. Fun fact about him is that he did Rap and Hip Hop for several years before making the transition to electronic music, in his own words he “likes to experiment and doesn’t stop new ideas”. Looking over his work on his soundcloud account you’ll have to agree with me that doing electro music was a great decision so far. There are several tracks available, all done in a similar solid style like “Cyber Hop” and also with the love to that synth/effect combo. Definetly worth checking out!

Diego Bacar – Execute

Clean and crisp beat. Addictive synth line. Surprising sound effects. Great rises. And there you go, one of the latest tracks of Diego Bacar which is dancefloor material.

Colombian electro producer Diego Bacar does not belong to the established guys in the scene. Yet. But giving one of his latest tracks a listen, I realized that he has potential to go big on the dancefloors out there. With originially a background in rock music, he decided to make a switch to the world of electro – great but risky decision. In his case, it worked out exceptionally well. Let’s shed some light on tonight’s track, “Execute”.
Starting with a minimalistic intro, the track soon accelerates with a dropping heavy beat. This beat in company with a nice synth line is the key role for the whole track, because it sets the tone and makes you wanna move. Adding one or two risers, adding another synth line, the track keeps building tension, cutting back at half-time of the track with a real good slightly distorted synth going on there, and off we go to the grand finale.
Long story short, the track brings every element to the table which is needed to make this one a main floor favorite. One negative aspect of the track would be that it’s lacking some low-eq aggressiveness. With more cutoff and compression on the low ends (bass synth track, mainly) this would be an absolute high-flyer at a DJ set.

Long story short: with this one Diego Bacar got the world out there the last warning: watch out, I’m coming after you. He’s got some great ideas, and it shows through his synth melodies and the intelligent mixture of track elements. I recommend checking out his works on his soundcloud account.

Maxx Doran – Land Mines

Who would have thought that. Until today, I didn’t know I would describe land mines as “refreshing” and “uplifting” one day. But the track “Land Mines” deserves that.

Maxx Doran is bringing you a new, clean and crisp track via soundcloud. For me, the build-ups and the following release segments are doing the trick in this electro house track. Also, the technical part is ground solid. Properly mixed single tracks, and even those clear-cut mixtures of percussion and synth are blended in smoothly with the rest of the instrument and drum parts. Last year I attended one of these street raves where they stack up trucks with huge PAs, driving through the city with people dancing all over the place. People there just LOVED tracks similar to how “Land Mines” was created because dancing in the streets, you need to have that …ongoing rise of energy. If you’re into this genre and close your eyes for a second, you can almost visualise the trucks dragging all those dancers along with them. 🙂

Matt Doran aka Maxx Doran does a very good job in releasing tracks all over the house genres – progressive, future, electro, you name it. Being in the scene since he was 14, he did it all, from DJing to producing. Since 2010 he even got his own label running, Mindstormrecords. With this massive skillset it’s not really surprising that he delivered a great track again. Checking out some of his other work, I realized that Maxx Doran can and will do great work in the future. We’re usually not linking to other resources but the tracks itself (except in spotlights), but just to send all of you guys out there a signal: check out his website – THAT is how you spread information about you over the internet. Makes work for us freelancing non-profit people a lot easier.

Slawder – Grime (Original Mix)

Accelerating in a tunnel. Almost no lighting, picking up speed very fast, not knowing where you will go. Then, finally, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. You know wherever this tunnel will lead, you’ll be in for the ride of your life. That’s pretty much what kind of picture this song is drawing within the first seconds in my brain.

To be honest, first I thought about not recommending this song on the kms blog. At first I was distracted too much by all the layered tracks within those four minutes. Also, the lead synth is cutting the noise like one of those ultra-sharp fish knifes do a fugu. That’s definetly not everyone’s taste, so proceed with caution, hehe.
What really made me change my mind though was the way the changes are made in the song. There are several drops that are precisely done, giving me that “look out!” impression I really dig. One second you’re into the whole mix, then all of a sudden, you’re reminded politely (more or less) that you’re not there yet. Klick klack, there’s the reload sound of a shotgun. Yak yak. Vocal cut. Total silence. Bass drop. Practically all tools are in use to keep those heads up.

Newcomer Slawder aka Joey Claypool from Abbotsford, Canada did a solid job here. In my opinion, “Grime” really won’t be everyone’s taste – but this one will definetly get some eyebrows raised when played on a soundstage! All I know is: MINE went up when I heard that track! 😉 Visiting his soundcloud profile, you also can find several other original tracks of him.

Dayfe – Passion

Although I’m not claiming to understand them fully, I really like to listen to experimental tracks. There’s always something happening, always something changing, and you never get bored because there’s too much going on. “Passion” made by Dayfe aka David Robson is one of these tracks.

I am assuming that most of the track has been made with the help of hardware. A minimalistic beat mixes with several percussion themes, a distorted synth in various variations, plus samples and some stabs. Sounds like a toolbox to have fun with? You’re right, it is. And you just know that is the way the track was created. I can imagine Dayfe experimenting with those things, just trying to fuse them together, stumbling over several variations which each one itself could have been a complete song. Instead he chose to collect those variations to melt it into one song, which made me both listen with disbelief (‘wow, how did he manage to make that transition within the track?’) and disappointment (‘man, he could have played that for a minute longer.’). The track itself is relatively short, but points out everything Dayfe wants to deliver, I guess.

Long story short: for guys and girls into electronic experimental tracks – you should definetly give the track a listen. All the others should listen as well, because you can learn something about track creation from Dayfe. Plus, because I said so. 🙂

Angeos – Space (Original Mix)

There are tons of dance tunes out there, especially House. Tonight I stumbled upon the new track of a DJ called “ANGEOS”. This one actually made me stop and listen.

Being only 21 years old, the venezulean DJ and producer obviously has just begun his journey to fill up the dancefloors. With his track “Space” he went absolutely in the right direction in my opinion. The track is mixed solid, vocal chops and drum patterns are where they should be, and the layering throughout the track is well done. Angeos manages to blend through different variations of layering within the same track, so the track doesn’t get boring for a second.

Also, his already released tracks on soundcloud are worth listening to as well. If you find some time, I recommend listening to them as they are a simliar genre as “Space”, but using slight variations from electro house to hardstyle elements. Angeos definitely does a good job with creating fresh tunes that will stick to your brain for a while!

Nikki Angels – Don’t label me a liar (Frequency Unknown Remix)

The London based Drum’n’Bass duo “Frequency Unknown” are quite busy these days… almost every other week they are working on the next track to show the world what they got in store for the dancefloors. And so Xecute and Malefic also are picking up… unusual tracks to put their mark on it, in this case, the previously released alternative rock track “Don’t label me a liar” from a singer called Nikki Angels.

Doing a remix in a totally different genre isn’t an easy task, but they did an outstanding job this time. They chopped up the original vocal and guitar tracks into fitting parts to then rearrange them to suit their needs. Out came an excellent electro house track which slowly builds upon the “big bang” so to speak, driven by massive drums and a genre-typical synth which makes your head instantly nod while listening to the track.
I guess they could have taken out more vocals though, I do prefer less vocals and more synth in a track – but that’s just my own taste.

You should definetly listen to this track (and to compare it, also the original). It’ll open your eyes and ears to the possibilites that are out there. No genre is fixed, no idea isn’t worth following – this is what I learned from the guys of Frequency Unknown.