Diego Bacar – Distant Love

Imagine a foggy morning. Jogging on a trail above the big city. Keeping your mind clear and your focus steady. Running down the miles easily with this track on your headphones. It just doesn’t get better than this. Believe me.

With “Distant Love”, the newest track of Diego Bacar, everything falls in line. Using an excellent arpeggiated synth line as a main theme in different variations, Bacar abducts your ears to a place where everything seems crisp, clear and where it should be.
Starting with a somehow familiar heartbeat-like intro, the track serves you a flat and easy going beat/synth combination which doesn’t give away too much right away. The producer did a masterful job in changing pace within these 6 minutes of track. When you get used to the main theme, he puts on the breaks so to speak, giving the stage to a warm, slightly distorted piano along a string instrument, reminding you that the connection between classical components and deep house or trance is just depending on several key elements. I love it when an artist is able to switch quickly between genres, showing the listener the way to actually drop prejudices against other genres. It’s an artform not mastered by many, similar to a real good magician. Whenever he does something you never saw or heard before, you always wonder: how the heck does he do that? Well, Diego Bacar is that magician.

Following his work for a couple of months now, I noticed a major upgrade in his mixing and mastering skills as well. After this track it has gotten quiet around him – I really hope that he’s just working on the next track by now. He’s got the tool set to produce big ones out there.

Sheffe – Sunset (Original Mix)

Feeling-wise, this one gets me right at the pool bar at a five star hotel. Cocktail coming up, having a great time with friends while watching the sun set. After the sun went down and this song is played by the DJ, you don’t need a dancefloor to feel the music.

Martijn Mulder aka DJ Sheffe is an uprising producer hailing from Deventer, Netherlands. His newest track comes straight out of the Future House/Dance genre, and after a quite regular intro which doesn’t make you expect anything out of the oridnary yet, the track lifts off with a nice synth melody, backed with a chime-like instrument which defines the main theme of the track. Your’re just enjoying the melody there, still nothing unusual.
Then, all of a sudden, the track droppes the bomb on you with a straightforward synth/bass/drum mixture which makes you nod your head (don’t believe me? I dare you to try. 😉 ). I really dig the sudden changes in a song when something happens you weren’t expecting, and DJ Sheffe did just that without ripping the song apart into several pieces. He still stays in the main theme to make that transition later on for a second time (if I was at the bar I talked about at the beginning, THIS would be the time I started dancing.)

This track is mixed nicely, the main mix doesn’t come short on any eq band, and the surprises Sheffe packed in it are a perfect gift for your speakers. Reading at the artists facebook page I learned that there will be another track release in June –  I’m excited what Sheffe will come up with next.

Astro Nordik – Dirty Civilisation

This one’s a clean cut. Ever had a ultra-strong coffee in the early morning because you really needed to wake up fast? Well, here’s your coffee replacement in form of a progressive trance tune. You won’t need the coffee afterwards.

After a minute of promising intro, the listener is treated with the most clear and crisp mixed synth lines I heard in a long time. Hearing it the first time, I actually looked at the settings of my mixer output because my monitor speakers sounded weird that way. 🙂 Realizing it was done that way by purpose, I leaned back and just enjoyed what is going on there.
You are having clear synth lines, paired with a minimalistic genre-typical beat. I like how the left/right panning of several synth melodies and effects is done, because this helps to create that “spacey” effect Astro Nordik is using in several of his tracks. I’m not a pro in the architecture of progressive trance tracks, but since the kms musicblog is more about feeling than anything else, I can say that I really feel the track. Those crisp changes between the bridges and the main groove are done with the precision of an surgeon in my opinion, those are turning heads for sure.

With “Dirty Civilisation” french artist Astro Nordik stays true to his style and genre which he calls “Space Vibe and Dirty Trance”. That’s a very accurate description if you ask me. Clicking through other works of his on the soundcloud account, you’ll find similar tracks, all in the fashion described above. His works played in a huge club would get me on the dancefloor for sure. So, trust me and give this track a listen! You won’t regret it.

GalactrixX – DNA (Original Mix)

I found it. As a fan of everything sci-fi and space, I got my ears a treat tonight with “DNA”. Not too sci-fi, but well enough to get my head moving and my imagination running.

Konstantin Argiros aka GalactrixX has quite a phalanx of state-of-the-art tracks out there, and he’s a regular in the PsyShop Charts. Therefore it’s not really surprising that his latest uploaded track on Soundcloud is a good one.
To be honest, I wasn’t really attracted by the intro. Quite flat and nothing to really catch my attention. But that changed after the song picks up some speed (you could say, the first minute is like a warm-up. I guess GalactrixX didn’t want to instantly overload the listener’s brain, hehe).
There’s those small little stabs which always let something happen within the song that at the same time keeps the genre-typical same bass line throughout the length of the track. These tiny “markers” (so to speak) keeps interested in what happens next, also they form a good high band contrast to drum and bass. Most of the additional sound effects are treated with reverb, so that gives a bit of additional room feeling. I think we all can agree that this track is a valuable upgrade to any DJ set playing in a club with minimal lighting, setting the visual base for this sci-fi feeling I talked about at the beginning. Due to the minimal usage of tracks the artist manages to get maximum output in my opinion.

“DNA” is a no-brainer for the genre-lovers. GalactrixX is an established member in the scene, and therefore the work is solid. Everything is where and when it should be. I also recommend having a look at his other tracks available on soundcloud, beatport, iTunes, and Spotify.

Tranceway – Human Evolution

In my opinion it’s not too easy to lay down a base of a track which enables the listener to just “go with the flow”. While most artists and producers nowadays tend to overdo tracks with massive usage of flow changes, Franco Forte aka Tranceway manages to stay true to his genre.

Delievering a very good Goatrance track here, Tranceway manages to build everything upon a genre-typical monotonic solid bass line. Without getting boring for a second, he switches easily from one synth line to another, keeping the drums steady meanwhile. This is done so perfectly that you start to miss the bass note once you turn off the sound because during that seven minutes of the track you get so used to it that your ears kind of expect it to be… part of the audio impression from now on.
You find yourself confronted with several synths throughout the song which made it hard for me to decide if there was a favorite part of the track. As I said, the blending/melting process of everything was made exceptionally well, even when seeming experimental sometimes (at least that’s my impression of it).

Franco Forte isn’t a newbie to the scene. With several recordings released (his soundcloud is stacked with tracks, you should check them out) and the actual track being a preview taken from a unreleased album called “Around the world”, we can expect him to be busy in the near future. All I can say is, tonight he made me one of his fans.

André Schlüter – Feeling for you

Music is all about feeling, right? It’s about being taken to whatever place your mind builds up once you heard a tune. Today’s pick took me into a vast void.

André Schlüter aka DJ Schluetex isn’t a newbie to the scene. As a DJ he was a resident in several german clubs for many years before starting to produce his own tracks and do remixes for other artists. I heard one of his latest tracks, “Feeling for you”, today on soundcloud.
I admit, what track I like or don’t like totally depends on my daily mood. Today I’m up for dreamy, trancy tunes with no surprises, and this pretty much sums up what this track is about. You got a slow methodical beat, a classic high pitched repeating synth line, and the rest is percussion and breaks. The track itself manages to create this place where you can imagine yourself just sitting in a chair listening to that tune…in a room as big as a football field. None of the several instrument tracks is planted “right before you”, so to speak, and that creates the kind of distanced sound I like (today. not always. 😉 ).
Only negative thing in my mind is the equalizing of the final mix. The percussion and snare sounds are persistently placed in the high band while the rest of the tracks are balanced mid to low. This creates a slightly unpleasant crash effect every time the percussion hits. Which is bad, because this sort of disturbs the whole mix. I tried it on headphones and monitors, unfortunately the high pitched sounds remain pretty crashy on all outputs.

That aside, the idea of the track is worth a listen in my opinion. DJ Schluetex also did a dreamdance electro remix on that track you probably should check out.