Jeffy Welkin Exploration – All Roads Towards Infinity

No electronic dance music tonight, guys and girls. Tonight’s about uplifting guitar licks and a wicked bass drive, mixed with synths, vocals and a inspiring beat. Some may call it Indie Rock or Funk. I really don’t know how to put it in a proper category. And that’s one of the things that makes the track so sweet.

To put it simple: I love what’s happening throughout the song. The front or main elements are for sure the bass and guitar, getting along with a slightly distorted female vocal line. What sounds like nothing new first is stirred up in such an intelligent way that you keep listening just because you want to know what’s happening next. You can hear that the artists playing had fun in experimenting, and so did I while listening.
Nothing seems for granted in this song, it’s not about keeping a pattern throughout the song or to entertain in linear fashion.
However I do not really like that some tracks have been mixed on mono channels. I know this to be an intended effect, but in my opinion it isn’t necessary since there is so much happening already. Also, the drum track(s) seem to be mixed slightly too high on the eq band. But that might be only my ears tricking me.

Jean François Mulon as the mastermind of the Jeffy Welkin Exploration did raise both of my eyebrows tonight. After listenting to a couple of his tracks I cannot really tell what genre he’s really into. He easily switches from Jazz to Alternative to Funk to Rock to almost Synth Pop then back again…truth is: you cannot put in a category what JWE is about – you gotta hear it for yourself.
I would have loved to know more about the artists but I wasn’t able to get more information about who’s behind JWE as people just by searching the net. Judging from the music, we’ll probably never know if this is also intended as an element of surprise or not. What I DO know is that you should give the works a listen, that is time well spend, believe me.