Johnny Gorox – Cyber Hop

Were your ears ever distracted in such a manner that you had a hard time reflecting where all this sound is coming from? After a short time to adapt to this electro house track, your brain practically will scream for more. Or it will order you to do what’s like a main theme in the song: turn up the bass.

Italian producer Pasquale Capone, better known as Johnny Gorox, put up a song that I encountered as part of his recently published playlist “Hybrid Hop”.
I give you the secret of the song right away: the synth and the effect palette it’s loaded with. Johnny Gorox somehow managed to play with the usage of the synth effects constantly, but not to a point that it gets distracting or annoying. On the contrary. I really like that the synth is constantly morphing into another instance of sound. Mixed up with several layers of vocal one-shots, a proper beat and percussion, the track remains a fascinating piece of work from start to end.

Sound engineer Gorox showed what he is capable of with this track, proving to everyone that he isn’t a creature with a low lifespan in the music world out there. Fun fact about him is that he did Rap and Hip Hop for several years before making the transition to electronic music, in his own words he “likes to experiment and doesn’t stop new ideas”. Looking over his work on his soundcloud account you’ll have to agree with me that doing electro music was a great decision so far. There are several tracks available, all done in a similar solid style like “Cyber Hop” and also with the love to that synth/effect combo. Definetly worth checking out!