Krix – Wandering Planet

Attention, people. There is some serious hardstyle coming your way.
…No, wait, it’s house.
…No wait… damn. It’s complex.

Young producer Jay Sillito aka Krix takes you back to school with this one, because you will have to learn about at least three different styles of music. With the affinity to quickly change between genres and even tempo, Krix got me confused on how to categorize what exactly he is doing. But then again, this made me decide to pitch his new track “Wandering Planet” in your direction.
At first, this one seems like a regular hardstyle track. Every element is there, the intro is building up nicely, and I really like the octave-hopping arpeggiated main synth. That reminds me of some of those trucks passing by when I went to the last open air festival, keeping you moving constantly. But wait, what’s this? All of a sudden the pace changes, leaving hardstyle behind and switching over to another rhythm and another tempo, almost like some DJ decided to hop to another artist. I like the attempt to create something new here. Obviously it worked because this is an eyebrow raiser for most of the people, although this might be interrupting everybody dancing to that tune. Being creative and thinking outside the box is a key element in being successful out there, so Sillito did the right thing there in my opinion. Also, those changes aren’t that easy to accomplish, so this just shows what he is capable of.

Overall, in my opinion this track has too many changes to go big out there on dancefloors. But I don’t think that was the intention of the producer in the first place. Changing again and again while using several elements like chiptune synths and massive sub bass, the track works for me as kind of a showroom for what Krix is able to do within several styles and genres. This is solid work, and I’m sure of the fact it will continue to be. With this skill set, I really hope that Krix will be producing more steady ones soon, because he has what t takes to make a name for himself out there. You should also check out his available tracks on Soundcloud and Youtube to find out more about this uprising talent.

Ronin – Fight Club

Besides an irrestistible drive that makes you wanna move your body, this one somehow goes deeper than the usual dance tune.

Yes, this track indeed is related to David Finchers movie “Fight Club” released in 1999 because it’s using audio excerpts out of it. Another similarity in my opinion is the unusual approach to the audience. The idea of the track is quite simple and minimalistic, but the implementation of all the little bits and pieces is done outstandingly.
The intro is a bit long, taking away about a minute for the first buildup. I read in the track description that the track was used as an opener for a outdoor event, keeping that in mind the long intro makes sense. But when I finished hearing the track I immediately was thinking about remixes of this track. I definitely would want that track to be remixed in at least three different versions. It totally see (or better: hear) that happening, but those ideas have just to be developed.
For now, after the intro you are hit with a genius minimal drum/bass combination alongside a crisp synth line. I love when tracks are not overdone in any way, many times the main synth melody is a very complex, arpeggiated track, but in this case Caleb Smith aka Ronin shows how it’s done with sufficient, but still minimal melody usage. For the breaks the mix is stirred up with several pitched vocal layers. Those are helping the track to gain momentum before you’re hit with the next beat section. While you are listening, close your eyes for a second. See that? Main stage, light effects, fog, exstatic people dancing… there’s the magic happening, just like that.

Ronin is not a newbie on the scene. It just shows in his productions that he has experience in producing and spinning the turntables as well. Being resident DJ in several locations over the last years, with producing “Fight Club” he just added another great track to his arsenal. If you have some time on your hands, you should give the tracks on his soundcloud account labeled as “Ronin Radio” a listen. Those are compilations of Ronin the DJ (where he also sneaks in his own productions, of course). But be warned: there’s some serious dancing involved if you do.

Klement Vanukki – Night Deeper (Original Mix)

To describe today’s pick in one phrase: smooth thing for summernights’ turntables.
Klement Vanukki is a busy worker out there. The french based DJ started music as a bass guitarist, later switching the bass guitar for turntables which turned out to be a great move. I never heard him playing the bass, but as a producer and DJ he proves to be a forced to be reckoned with.

After the usual intro for DJs to mix in, the track lifts off with a smooth piano-like synth line and a easy going vocal line. The beat is holding steady, there aren’t changes that disturb the ‘head-nod-flow’ within in the song… but what really is the secret ingredient of the track is the used sub bass. The groove the song creates with the bass/drum combination just makes you want to move even while sitting on a chair. Feels like you are taken to one of those Florida beaches during summer. You know, it’s too hot, even at night, but the party never ends, because the temperature is nothing a cold drink and a hot track like “Night Deeper” won’t fix.
One negative point to mention is a high frequency clave and some rise/hit one shots which are somehow placed too dominant in my opinion. (But on the other hand that frequency change does sound great when used over a massive club amplifier.) Other than this, everything is mixed rock solid. It’s fun to listen to the sound, it blends in well to many occasions, even when played silently as a background chillout tune.

If this is one of the first tracks that Vanukki has produced, in my opinon he’s got a great thing going on with producing there, and I’m sure he will lift off soon with future tunes in similar fashion. I was only able to find one other original work (not on his soundcloud page), but there are several mixes available worth checking out.

Erron Wellington – Clockwork

This one gets you on the track with almost hypnotizing percussion, a straight drum/bass set, and… well, that’s it. Erron Wellington doesn’t need more core elements to get you moving.

Within this track, the London based producer drives on a pretty basic deep house road. Meaning he doesn’t do much experimental stuff, and he does what you’d expect of this genre.
After the usual minimalistic intro, the track starts off with the bass line. I like the fact that there are several effects used to “cloak” the bass before revealing it’s power after the first rise. What makes the track really lift off in my opinion is the usage of complete short stops. I really like that from time to time Wellington gives you that quarter second of silence, reminding you what “groove” essentially is. Also, because of the intelligent usage of percussion instruments (especially those vintage bongo style ones), the track gets sort of an organic flavor. So it’s not only straight tech house but it’s mixed with a bit of life there as well.

Being taken from Wellingtons Clockwork EP which also contains a track called “Revelation” (that would be another track I recommend tonight, similar in style, genre and done in the same solid fashion), “Clockwork” is available as a free download on Soundcloud. Even if it wasn’t, it would be a no-brainer to buy if you are into house or looking for something to complete your DJ set with.

DJ-MPG – Far Away (Original Mix)

Great build-ups, a solid piano main melody, smooth drum and bass segments…this one has potential to be played on main stages.

I’ll take this one on the next workout with me. Why? Because it keeps me going. With the use of a nice melody and great transitions, the track fits the genre and can be your motor when you need something to keep you motivated. (Of course, this also refers to dancefloors and dancing. 😉 )
Within the track you’ll find several cuts that slow down the song just long enough to build up and restart, if you will. (You know, these are the club light technicians’ favorite tracks where he/she can show what he/she is capable of.) Other than that you have a great tune with several effects that make sure the track keeps being interesting and not too monotonous, be it several swuushes or audio effects. What made me raise an eyebrow though is the fact that the piano is sounding very artificial plus mixed a bit harsh in there…could have been a different vst or mixed with more reverb in my opinion. Other than that the artist knows about the elements of a dreamy track like this and how/where to use them.

German producer Christoph Gonder aka DJ-MPG is definetly on the right path, but there are some rough edges which have to be cut before reaching the top. Nevertheless, “Far Away” is a track I recommend giving a listen to.