Noize Method – Matter & Insanity (Original Mix)

You better get your seatbelts on. This ride is going to get fast, and it won’t stop for nobody, believe me.

Wow, this one surprised me. It has been a long time since I heard a track that delivers such fast and strict tempo without limits or boundaries, although there are changes happening all over the track.
After the usual kind of mystical intro with all those little effects and typical elements happening you are introduced by the straight bass and beat foundation. I especially like those breaks where the complete flow of the track is interrupted by silence or added up effects. This doesn’t hurt the track a bit but keeps your ears interested in what’s next. The basic beat keeps you moving constantly is driven even more by those metallic textures and vocal one-shots added on the way to the build-ups. The variety of things happening within those eight minutes really drives you off of your chair. Definetly to mention is that metallic textured sound that fits perfectly into the whole idea of the track. The french DJ/producer even manages to easily switch between different rhythm patterns without going too far away from the main theme.

It’s like the man behind “Noize Method” has a set of tools which all do exactly what he wants without him putting any effort in it. I didn’t find any flaw in the overall mix and placement of effects, one-shots or synth lines. Okay, maybe there was a harshly mixed track of those vocal tracks there, but it’s nothing that draws any points from the overall result.
No wonder that there’s a waiting line to have him booked for the next event. Noize Method delivers solid, genre-true music that makes people move. Imagining him sending waves through a dancefloor full of people gives me goosebumps.

GalactrixX – DNA (Original Mix)

I found it. As a fan of everything sci-fi and space, I got my ears a treat tonight with “DNA”. Not too sci-fi, but well enough to get my head moving and my imagination running.

Konstantin Argiros aka GalactrixX has quite a phalanx of state-of-the-art tracks out there, and he’s a regular in the PsyShop Charts. Therefore it’s not really surprising that his latest uploaded track on Soundcloud is a good one.
To be honest, I wasn’t really attracted by the intro. Quite flat and nothing to really catch my attention. But that changed after the song picks up some speed (you could say, the first minute is like a warm-up. I guess GalactrixX didn’t want to instantly overload the listener’s brain, hehe).
There’s those small little stabs which always let something happen within the song that at the same time keeps the genre-typical same bass line throughout the length of the track. These tiny “markers” (so to speak) keeps interested in what happens next, also they form a good high band contrast to drum and bass. Most of the additional sound effects are treated with reverb, so that gives a bit of additional room feeling. I think we all can agree that this track is a valuable upgrade to any DJ set playing in a club with minimal lighting, setting the visual base for this sci-fi feeling I talked about at the beginning. Due to the minimal usage of tracks the artist manages to get maximum output in my opinion.

“DNA” is a no-brainer for the genre-lovers. GalactrixX is an established member in the scene, and therefore the work is solid. Everything is where and when it should be. I also recommend having a look at his other tracks available on soundcloud, beatport, iTunes, and Spotify.