Jackie Paladino – Daddy’s Money

Delivering a message with lightweight sung melodies, hitting you hard with soft sung words – that’s the track “Daddy’s Money” of young New York based singer/songwriter Jacqueline Noel, better known as Jackie Paladino.

With lyrics that really pull you down, Paladino manages to lift you up the same time with a singing style that delivers like telling you “hey, so what?” although it’s a heavy topic. She did a great job in performing as the straight, strong woman she represents in that song. Backed mostly by a piano, a flute synth and several percussive elements like short guitar lick excerpts, the vocals get the right stage for your ear to focus on. Clearly Paladino has a vocal range allowing her to “play every role” on stage. Checking out several internet sesources like her webpage, youtube and facebook page (unfortunately no other tracks on soundcloud than this one), I found other tracks which allow you to get a better picture of what this outstanding singer is capable of. With the right setting she can be placed in any setting possible.
The most negative aspects with this track are the backup track and the final mix. Though the singer does an outstanding job in performing with her vocal abilities, making it sound like singing is the easiest thing in the world, her available “sound stage” build through the backup music and eq work isn’t set properly in my opinion. Although I get the point that the song is intended to be minimalistic, it would have been a great upgrade to just push the whole mix towards the lower eq bands, doubling the piano, putting background singers more in the background where they belong, maybe place a roundup reverbed string section on the right spots, and so on. These missing elements are only partly compensated by the break where some drums set in, giving the song a little short afterburn, if you will. I really like the song how it is done right now (otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it), but in my opinion with a bit more effort it could’ve been so much bigger and better in the end.

But then again, that’s just my opinion, right. It doesn’t change the fact that the beautiful woman from Brooklyn has a bright future ahead of her. She knows what she does behind the microphone, and hearing her sing makes you fall in love with her voice instantly. She’s recording, performing on stage and doing music videos, and I hope this talented artist will be releasing new tracks soon for those of us who cannot attend her next live event.

Angel Sessions – The Great I Am (DiscaL Remix)

Clicking through the depths of the net, I stumbled upon a dance/soul tune that caught my attention.

I gotta say, I don’t know much about soul or R’n’B. Of course I enjoy listening to it, but I haven’t got a clue about creation, proper composition or used elements of that genre. Luckily this blog is more about what feeling sound creates than what technique is used, so this one’s easy for me.
Putting it simple: Angel Sessions is a pro. Being active in the scene for over 17 years with 11 released albums so far, the talented singer/songwriter with gospel background knows what she’s doing. And this of course absolutely shows in her recordings.

“The Great I Am” uses an uplifting beat created by Adel A.R. Jamal aka DiscaL that will keep your head slightly moving all the time while listening to the track. This tracks also uses a synth line, the usual percussion elements plus a vibraphone-like support instrument. So far, so good, but what really makes the difference here (and in a lot of the other songs of Angel Sessions) is the beautiful enchanting voice of the singer. The vocal tracks are mixed solid, and the voice itself can be soft like a pillow but also grab your attention razor-sharp within a single tone. You just hear that Angel Sessions knows her craft very well. She knows how to use her voice – and she’s not holding back anything. Thank God. This track is that well-rounded that in my opinion it fits most of the daily occasions, whether you need something to lighten up your mood while standing in heavy traffic, enjoying the start of your day while having your fist cup of coffee, dancing around with your children (which I actually tried, it works!) – you name it. If you give it a listen, you’ll know what I mean.

My advice is to just check out what the beautiful Angel Sessions has got in store, whether it’s on Soundcloud, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more – you’ll find her works easily.