Krix – Wandering Planet

Attention, people. There is some serious hardstyle coming your way.
…No, wait, it’s house.
…No wait… damn. It’s complex.

Young producer Jay Sillito aka Krix takes you back to school with this one, because you will have to learn about at least three different styles of music. With the affinity to quickly change between genres and even tempo, Krix got me confused on how to categorize what exactly he is doing. But then again, this made me decide to pitch his new track “Wandering Planet” in your direction.
At first, this one seems like a regular hardstyle track. Every element is there, the intro is building up nicely, and I really like the octave-hopping arpeggiated main synth. That reminds me of some of those trucks passing by when I went to the last open air festival, keeping you moving constantly. But wait, what’s this? All of a sudden the pace changes, leaving hardstyle behind and switching over to another rhythm and another tempo, almost like some DJ decided to hop to another artist. I like the attempt to create something new here. Obviously it worked because this is an eyebrow raiser for most of the people, although this might be interrupting everybody dancing to that tune. Being creative and thinking outside the box is a key element in being successful out there, so Sillito did the right thing there in my opinion. Also, those changes aren’t that easy to accomplish, so this just shows what he is capable of.

Overall, in my opinion this track has too many changes to go big out there on dancefloors. But I don’t think that was the intention of the producer in the first place. Changing again and again while using several elements like chiptune synths and massive sub bass, the track works for me as kind of a showroom for what Krix is able to do within several styles and genres. This is solid work, and I’m sure of the fact it will continue to be. With this skill set, I really hope that Krix will be producing more steady ones soon, because he has what t takes to make a name for himself out there. You should also check out his available tracks on Soundcloud and Youtube to find out more about this uprising talent.

Diego Bacar – Distant Love

Imagine a foggy morning. Jogging on a trail above the big city. Keeping your mind clear and your focus steady. Running down the miles easily with this track on your headphones. It just doesn’t get better than this. Believe me.

With “Distant Love”, the newest track of Diego Bacar, everything falls in line. Using an excellent arpeggiated synth line as a main theme in different variations, Bacar abducts your ears to a place where everything seems crisp, clear and where it should be.
Starting with a somehow familiar heartbeat-like intro, the track serves you a flat and easy going beat/synth combination which doesn’t give away too much right away. The producer did a masterful job in changing pace within these 6 minutes of track. When you get used to the main theme, he puts on the breaks so to speak, giving the stage to a warm, slightly distorted piano along a string instrument, reminding you that the connection between classical components and deep house or trance is just depending on several key elements. I love it when an artist is able to switch quickly between genres, showing the listener the way to actually drop prejudices against other genres. It’s an artform not mastered by many, similar to a real good magician. Whenever he does something you never saw or heard before, you always wonder: how the heck does he do that? Well, Diego Bacar is that magician.

Following his work for a couple of months now, I noticed a major upgrade in his mixing and mastering skills as well. After this track it has gotten quiet around him – I really hope that he’s just working on the next track by now. He’s got the tool set to produce big ones out there.

Gerjo – Deeper Love (Crowd Version)

A main melody can carry a whole track by itself. Dutch producer Gerjo Hamer shows us how it’s done.

The beat in this track is pretty basic, steady going. When introduced to the main synth melody, I wondered where the artist was going with that, so I went on listening. Gerjo mixed up several synth tracks together along several one shots and effects. I gotta admit that that the overall mix does indeed sound a little too compressed and crisp in my opinion, but what made me recommend this one was the intelligent usage, mix and merge of those synth lines. First you have this somewhat catchy main melody, then you get this dancy chopped tune later on that just makes you wanna dance… at this time I feel like I stumbled over the next late summer blockbuster for the clubs, if there were e.g. some vocal stems in it. I really like the flow of the song. When you got used to that dancy grrove, Gerio mixes in additional percussion elements (in thtis case, sort of conga beats), making the track even more moving than it already is.

Although Gerjo in my opinion is missing that special something to go big on stages right now, I felt like letting you guys know that there’s another producer out there who just tapped into the seriousness of making dance music. Gerjo knows what he’s doing, and I’m sure I’m not the only one being curious with what he’ll come up next. There are a couple of tracks available on his soundcloud account which give you insight of the special ‘musical attire’ Gerjo is working towards.

Kiz Pattison – Machines Building Machines

This one lets you feel the groove beneath. Just the dark pulse of machinery, everybody knows it’s there all the time, but no one can really grasp it. Well…with the track you are about to hear you maybe able to catch a glimpse of this machinery.

Kristian “Kiz” Pattison delivered a handcrafted piece of art here. I’m not that much into minimal techno, but this track kept me listening with fascination. The english producer somehow managed to put together low frequency bass lines with sound effects and a solid drum line in such a fashion that it never gets old, although it seems like the simplest thing at the same time. Working with several reverb/delay effects, the track manages to build the feeling inside your head as if you were standing in an underground cave full of machines. Everthing is working, everything is busy – and as soon as the track is over, you’ll start to miss that deep, warm sound. Additionally, there are several short synth lines mixed into the whole construct, giving everything the right accents. I imagine Kiz Patterson working on the corrrect timing of every track for quite a long time, because all the things happening within the song happen exactly where they are supposed to.

Again, this isn’t my usual genre, but the track just creates feelings with a minimalistic soundscape. And you know me, as soon as this happens no matter what genre, I am off to my laptop recommending you guys the track, because for me music is all about feelings. Oh, for the full experience out of this sounds headphones are mandatory. Trust me, makes a huge difference. Either headphones or take this track to a club right away, it has all the potential to be a underground favorite.

Lärm Wolke – Red Rabbit (Original Mix)

Techno, but not ordinary one. Soundscape, but too much Electro for “just” being soundscape. Red Rabbit isn’t easy to categorize, but it’ll attract you like the fox is attracted…well, to a rabbit.

It’s quite a feeling like entering a cave no one has gone before. Imagine climbing through those narrow rocks, standing in a gigantic cave with exotic plants and rock formations… and there you have it, the feeling to describe this song. At least, MY feeling.
Introduced more like a soundscape, the track adds some percussion and a beat. I like the fact that the beat isn’t mixed too aggressive, but steadily into the main track. One of the most noticeable things of the track is that slightly distorted synth, kicking in with only small segments of a melody, just enough to deliver the mere idea of the main theme. If this would be a nonstop melody, it would have killed the track for sure. But, just setting the tones, being backed up by another dreamy synth later on, it delivers the whole reason of the track – let it go. Keep floating. Keep going.
Overall, the track is mastered very well. There’s a synth at the last third of the song which is placed in the front, and first I wanted to mention that as a negative aspect of the track, but thinking of it, it’s necessary to change something in the track, and placing something new in front is way better than changing the pace or the beat of the track.

French prodcuer Lärm Wolke created a real good Techno track here. You can enjo it like a chillout tune, and you can nod your head to the beat like with a techno track. Listening to the other tracks on his account, you’ll find out that the artist doesn’t do anything he didn’t think about it. All of the tracks are carefully composed and worth a listen.

Milinka Radišić – Back again (Original Mix)

Being a master behind the turntables, DJ Milinka Radišić travelled the world for over ten years to entertain the masses on the dancefloors before finally taking the step to producing her own tracks. With the greatest of ease she accomplished to create many tracks, one of them being today’s pick “Back Again”.

What starts with a usual intro for DJs to mix into their decks turns into a surprise all of a sudden when a straightforward driving bassline kicks in. Mixed steadily, this bassline is supported by a somewhat aggressive and pushing synth. In my opinion the used crowd samples aren’t really necessary for the track to keep its pace. Also, there seem to be some cuts within the samples, but this doesn’t disturb the ongoing rhythm too much.
Yes, “Back again” is a pretty minimalistic track, but it somehow keeps you going, keeps you listening, and – probably the most important part of it – keeps people dancing because of it’s addictive bassline/synth combination. And that’s what’s necessary for a dancefloor theme – that certain something that makes people decide whether to start dancing or not.

Milinka Radišić did a great job of developing the initial idea and creating a track for the dancefloors here. I also suggest to check out her other works on her soundcloud profile, she’s got tons of tracks there, all of which are produced rock solid. Luckily we haven’t heard the last of this young pretty lady, it seems to me she just started her journey in the business. If she continues producing like she does right now, she’ll have a bright future ahead of her. And we’ll be in for more treats.